Google will mark all HTTP websites as Not Secure in July 2018

  • by Shin.S
  • Mar 02, 2018
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In July 2018 Google Chrome will mark all non-HTTPS websites as Not Secure. Now the websites are marked insecure only if they contain forms for entering passwords or credit card information. This notification of Chrome browser is to warn website visitors the following way:

The company’s decision comes after HTTPS adoption increased among website owners and a large chunk of today’s traffic is now encrypted and it’s a part of the company’s larger strategy.

The first stage of this plan started with Chrome 56 when Google marked all HTTP pages as “Not Secure” if the pages contained password or payment card fields.

The second stage took place with Chrome 62 when Google marked all HTTP pages opened in a Private Browsing window as “Not Secure.”

July’s Chrome 68 release will mark this process’ third and final stage.

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