SugarCRM or Salesforce. Which is better?

  • by Shin.S
  • Nov 20, 2016
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 Now SugarCRM is the most popular CRM system at the market compared to Saleforce. If you would like to examine a cost SugarCRM is cheaper with the similar functional. True of Saleforce it is an industry standard. Salesforce has clients with thousands of users, SugarCRM has imposed restriction too – minimum 10 users on a client.

Salesforce is a hard product and industry standard at all. SugarCRM hasn’t had such status yet, but it has practically all her features for itself.


Flexibility of tuning is possibility of transfer of the modules with the subsequent freeing around, for the further tuning and change of size of accessible columns.

At Salesforce of management by the modules comes true админами groups, and at SugarCRM code in open access. Id est any developer has to him an access and can me as wants.

SugarCRM has possibility of creation of own integration of PHP, what is not present just at Saleforces written on APEX.

Mobile version

If you want to compare on mobile versions, Saleforces has more advantage than SugarCRM. SugarCRM a mobile client is worse, but it is very light, because was writting on PHP, and can be used on any mobile device. Saleforces client very expensive, that is not strongly makes happy.


Deployment methods

Salesforce is deployed in a single-tenant fashion. SugarCRM is a multi-tenant architecture. Everyone should to login into. It is eventual advantage, but not large. In a prospect, SugarCRM can be developed on individual basis.

But if you wonna works at the same time it is more comfortable and faster on Saleforce. SugarCRM works good, but Selceforce is much better.