Top Outsourcing Trends To Know In 2018

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  • Jul 04, 2018
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2017 year was full of changes in the outsourcing industry. The transparency in project, geographical mobility across the globe, innovation has improved. But there are still so many problems. 2018 is a year where we expect to see solutions to these challenges and even more. Technologies are constantly changing. So software development companies will need to move together with the IT outsourcing trends 2018. Under you can see some of the IT outsourcing trends coming in 2018

Qualification of Software Developers

Most companies in the world want to decrease spending money on every levels of business.  The thing is staff. Sometimes and somewhere it is cheaper to hire peoples with the same skills in depending on rich or poor country. That’s why companies are forced to outsource from different parts of the world.

At the moment there is a classification between people graduated from higher education institutions and passed IT courses and those who are required on the market. In outsourcing, there is a tendency to improve the skills for software developers among students who graduated from higher education institutions and are willing to accept ICT programs. Also such training concerns and people of old-timers in IT-sphere, which are no longer in demand in comparison with the younger generation. Therefore, they should also regularly take this kind of training.

So, what about trends in the 2018 year? The software development and data analysis are at the top this year.

Software for processing Big data

As far as more business companies go into analyzing and processing their customers’ data. The big data software tools are created just for that. They can also save a huge amount of information. Also can splitting the data and do everything with it faster and more efficiently. Organizations have access to an entire ecosystem in which buyers and sellers can exchange any information that in the long term can be used for the benefit of your business with such software. And all this information is monitored and analyzed in real time.

Nowadays, most businesses and companies are seeking to automate processes to reduce costs and increase efficiency. The big data software tools become the basis for data analysis.

Therefore, if in 2018 the developer does not understand modern technologies for analyzing large data, he is not in demand on the market. On the market there are many programs, which should be understood by any developer. There are Microsoft HDInsight, Hive, Apache Hadoop and others.


Start Using Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology isn’t a new technology, but it has become popular only in 2017. It has great prospects and great potential in almost every area of ​​life. This technology simplifies the very approach to paying for services, transferring funds, concluding contracts and all without intermediaries. Thanks to this technology, the level of protection and security is several times higher than in the standard ways of dealing with finances and not only.

Some banks began to introduce this technology, create their own currency, increase the speed of transactions due to it.

Also it has became interested in companies from other industries: legal, healthcare, telecommunications and others. Some countries have even begun to implement Blockchain technology at the state level and after them companies are beginning to show even bigger interest.

At the moment in the world there is a huge number of digital currencies created by this technology. The most popular and widely used is Bitcoin. But there are other worthy alternative cryptocurrencies, for example Ethereum. It gives the possibility to conclude smart-contracts that can eliminate the need to create legal contracts on paper and to secure them as much as possible digitally without third parties.

Accordingly, there is a growing need for developers who are well-known in this technology, but at the moment there is a shortage of courses for training, as well as sites offering training providers.



As we enter 2018 one of the custom development trends will be the emergence of other technology trends as well as more sophistication of the existing technology. Organisations will become divided and focused on their own areas of specialization such as blockchain technology, big data, auto-mobility, bio-engineering among others. Such emerging technology will require experts to work on the projects that will create applications and other software solutions for each of these different domains.

For instance, if one outsourcing company is specialized in providing blockchain technology services while another provides both blockchain and automotive software development services, the first company is more likely to have more expertise in the Blockchain domain. Therefore, a customer with a specific project requirement like the creation of crypto-currency is more likely to approach the outsourcing company who specializes in the provision of Blockchain services only.

Outsourcing companies with narrow specialization are likely to have a deeper understanding of the few IT solutions they offer unlike a company with a wide range of services to provide. With time the research methodologies for different technology scope, become more sophisticated. Clients who require specific IT solutions will be more willing to work with developers who are solely oriented in their domain industry. It is thus up to outsourcing companies to decide on which scope to specialization in whether it is automotive, embedded software development, ITC solution development, mobile applications or other more.

Therefore, the prediction is that outsourcing companies with a narrow specialization are likely to get favored job-wise, by clients in the same industry domain they offer for. This will leave companies with wide specialization out of the benefits of the outsourcing industry in 2018.


Organisations will become divided on different areas of specialization such as blockchain technology, big data, bio-engineering and others. This technologies will require experts for creating applications and software for each of these different technology.

If one outsourcing company is working with blockchain technology services while another company working several software development services. And if I want to create the new digital wallet or digital money for my business there is more chances to go to the outsourcing company who specializes in the Blockchain technologies only.

So the outsourcing companies with a narrow specialization are seems better for clients in the industry. This can leave companies with a lot of specialization out of the benefits of the outsourcing industry in future.


Technologies are developed and implemented in all spheres of life. Millions of IT companies will need staff who will have to solve problems of companies as efficiently and quickly as possible. In this matter, outsourcing companies with a huge base of professionals in their field around the world can help you.

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