The best software to manage your business. What is WHMCS?

The WHMCS is top software forweb hosting management and billing,  thatautomates all in your business: clients, products, services, billing. By usingthis device facilitating suppliers can spare endless hours via computerizingdreary assignments, thus enabling you to concentrate on developing yourbusiness.

It gives a simple to-get tothe board interface that gives and oversees: client information exchange,administration/server provisioning, the board and backing. WHMCS is ideal foraffiliates, organizations, and engineers hoping to streamline or grow their websubordinate organizations.


Matt Pugh got the idea to set out to simplify and automate all services for web hosting companies in 2003. So WHMCS is Web Host Manager Complete Solution. Partnership cPanel and WHM was the key point in 2012. Everyone benefits from this partnership. They have almost the same target audience.

What is it for?

WHCMS helps to manage a web hosting for providers. It automates all processes with clients, products, services, billing.

  • Adding products – servers,hostings
  • Hostingaccount setup and management;
  • Dedicated/VPSaccount setup and management;
  • Billingand customer payment database;
  • Ticketing.Easy communications with your customers.

Modules for WHMCS

The functionality of the WHMCS platform is quitelarge, but depends on the needs or specifics of the company. You may needadd-ons for expansion or ease of use. To do this, you can pump WHMCS usingvarious useful add-ons (modules).

One example is Anytimesupport. It is a company that develops modules forWHMCS. With the help of our modules, you can get a variety of benefits, such assorting, grouping your users for better visibility and convenience; adddifferent payment systems so that your customers do not have inconvenience withpayment services; add fixed fees to any payment; Clear Configurable Option andothers.

How to start?

You will have access to the WHMCS afterchoosing individual plan here (Pricingplans WHMCS) andafter the payment. So under you can see two instructions: how to add a customerand how to add domain:

Addinga Customer:

  1. Login to the WHMCS.
  2. Click “Add New Client” in the navigation menu on tab “Clients”.
  3. Now fill in the information about your client and click the button “Add New Client”.
  4. And you can inform your customer via email by clicking the check box.
  5. After adding the customer you will see full information in the profile.

Managing Domains:

  1. Login to the WHMCS.
  2. Click “View/Search Clients” in the navigation menu on tab “Clients”.
  3. Choose one of your client for managing the domain you need.
  4. Click the Domains tab.
  5. Place New Order and fill information.