Customers support isn’t for selling. It is for help.

  • by Shin.S
  • Nov 01, 2016
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Everybody knows that minority seem to get it. Don’t selling products. You should to help your customer, but just give them some space. In general, people are very busy. They don’t need to buy things with little choice and increasing pressure to buy things they don’t need, people get descended and discouraged. We are all customers and we don’t like sellers.

Have you ever heard about Tangerine Downtown Toronto Café? If you come to Tangerine Cafés for a coffee, maybe you’ll ask staff about their business and maybe become a customer. They don’t pressure it; in exchange they try to make a comfotable atmosphere fro you. Theres is no free coffee here, but it’s cheep. You’ll have to a physical touch of their brand. They don’t have huge marketing company, because people understand that Tangerine is different. They come first to have coffee and to cooperate with their brand, and they see the differences. In the end a deeper relationship is settled.

There is too much money they need to manage the Cafés, but one discussion the bank has never had is how to make them valuable. Manager of the Tangerine Café, Peter Aceto said: “The finance team asks a lot of questions about cost benefit, as well it should, but we make sure we know how to define the actual benefit beyond straight numbers. I can’t take the cost of the Cafés and divide by the number of new clients we get from them and show you a return that is better than any other marketing that we do. But I can show you that the nature of the interaction and of the customer we get there far exceeds the typical bank’s customer base. Our clients who started at our Cafés often become ambassadors for our brand. This place is transformational, and there’s something special about the interactions. They become customers, they buy more products, and they tell people about us.”

They don’t pay own staff per customer won or per product sold. There is no commission. All in the company has goals, and how they do it they have better or worse profit.

They are hire only man who love their principles, their business and own jobs. And the company bealives in them back. They are genuine, and that transfers to their interactions with the people who walk into a Tangerine Café off the street. Is it hard to make like this? I don’t think so. It’s a good example of a contact with people.