How Can You Improve Your Customer Service?

  • by Shin.S
  • Nov 11, 2016
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In general, there is so hard when you have to contact customer services. It isn’t good at all. This industry is being exceed by social media and online review, several companies just cannot keep up. But feel that their CS is fine they don’t do any changes.

Most of companies see customer service as a esential harm when it real they need to be a foundation. 

Founder of Quantive Valuations, Dan Doran said “Customer service is often a direct view into the heart of a company. Clients that feel loved often translate into a loyal following of brand evangelists. Done right, that following can correlate back to increased revenues and an improving bottom line. Of course, done wrong, a bad customer experience can have a massive negative impact.”

There is some helpful things to break borders between customers and SC.

1. Listen carefully

Take the time to listen to the concern, instead of immidiately disagreed with customer’s compaint. Hear out!

If you have already heard this complaint billions of times, everybody should be allowed to tell it. Give them an opportunity to sound off and will give you chance to start replacing that anger with possible solutions.

2. Always tell the Truth

Only robots don’t make mistakes. It is normal for people to make mistakes. Stop lying to customers. Just say sorry, when you try to introduce, you lose credibility with everything else you are going to say. You must have high ethical standards, and this needs to translate into your customer service department.

Customers can handle the truth, really. Lying will only complicate an issue. It seems live you really don’t care about this issue.

  1. Keep calm and just say sorry
    You shouldn’t give away free products/services to keep your customers happy. More often, just “sorry” will do the magic. They need to have a feeling of valid about their complaint.

Companies teach their delegates to never apologize. Quite surprisingly, but they know it is wrong.

In the end

There is no longer working old features of keeping customers happy. You need to attract your customers, always listen carefully, and apologize when it is necessary.